How to get involved in your Ward Committee

Many of you have been newly added to this mailing list for the Somerville Democratic City Committee because you attended one of our recent meetings or you participated in some of our November Presidential Election activities.  WELCOME!  We want to keep you involved and engaged.  There are many existing and new activist groups that you may belong to as well, but we encourage you to do both. Even if you don't live in Somerville, we still welcome you to come to our city-wide meetings. Continue reading

Democratic National Committee Chair Election - Who will lead our Party forward?

Many of you attended our recent meeting on January 30 where we heard from some of the Democratic National Committee members from Massachusetts who will be electing our new National Chair.  We expect you still have many questions and comments you'd like to share. On February 25, 2017, the membership of the Democratic National Committee will elect DNC officers, including a new Chair, who will lead our party into the future. Continue reading