Democratic National Committee Chair Election - Who will lead our Party forward?

Many of you attended our recent meeting on January 30 where we heard from some of the Democratic National Committee members from Massachusetts who will be electing our new National Chair.  We expect you still have many questions and comments you'd like to share. On February 25, 2017, the membership of the Democratic National Committee will elect DNC officers, including a new Chair, who will lead our party into the future.


The DNC has been holding regional meetings where members heard from the candidates for Chair about their qualifications and vision for leading the party.  The meetings have been live-streamed and available for viewing after.  Videos of the forums in Phoenix, Houston and Detroit are available here: 


The final forum is in Baltimore this weekend February 10-11 and will be live-streamed.  Massachusetts voting members will be attending.

Members of the public can use this form to submit questions for the officers:


Additional details can be found here:


These are Massachusetts voting members of the Democratic National Committee who will be voting for DNC chair.  Let them know what or who you are looking for to lead the party.


Augustus (Gus) Bickford (state committee chair)

Kate Donaghue

Deborah Goldberg (state treasurers' delegate)

Elaine Kamarck

Debra Kozikowski (State Committee Vice Chair)

David O'Brien

Mel Poindexter

James Roosevelt (Legal Counsel)

Virginia Barnes (national labor delegate) No phone listed.

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