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Please get involved with your Ward Committee. A Ward Committee is the local Democratic Party in your neighborhood and consists of 35 members and more associate members.

Below is the list of Ward Committees and Ward Chairs in Somerville. If you are not sure what Ward you live in, please click here.


Ward 1 (East Somerville) - Ben Echevarria, Chair.

Ward 2 (Union Sq & Lincoln Park) - Anika Van Eaton, Chair.

Ward 3 (Union Sq & Spring Hill) - Mike Grunko, Chair.

Ward 4 (Winter Hill & Ten Hills) - Josh Tauber, Chair.

Ward 5 (Ball Square) - Richard Hughes, Chair.

Ward 6 (Davis Square) - Jessica Lieberman, Chair.

Ward 7 (Teele Square) - Dan McConvey, Chair.

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