General Meeting

9e03718cff8041e28f8cf34c3947e093-c3d42c1322a84ead9cf3e609c98a4c3e-0-850x478_large.jpg**PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE AND NEW LOCATION **

Our next General Meeting is Monday, October 10th at 7pm. We will be meeting at 212 Elm Street (Third floor) in Davis Square - opposite The Rosebud Diner. We will have will have representatives from each side in three of the five ballot questions. These Questions will that will be up for a vote in on the November 8th Election, and can directly become law.  

You can get more information on these questions by clicking here.

Question 2  -Charter School Expansion.

Question 3 - Animal Captivity

Question 4 - Marijuana Regulation and Legalization 

These are important questions and this is a great opportunity to hear from people on either side of these issues.

It should be a very lively and informative night.

Jean Vallon Jessica Lieberman Joyce Shortt Stephanie Hirsch Barry Rafkind Daniel Patrick McConvey Mark Gallagher Michael Grunko Susan Fendell Daniel Kimmel Jim Vetter Alain Jehlen Joe Beckmann Katherine Wallace Paolo DiFabio Sam Tracy Michele Taylor Matthew Murray Rand Wilson Joshua Tauber Heidi Lewis Tricia DiPasquale Jodie Dow-Novaes Adam Portney Bill Roche Mary Norcross Joseph Lynch David 'Platform-Specific-Alias' Sloane Angel Works Amy Casey

Will you come?

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