City Committee General Meeting

There will be a General Meeting of the Somerville Democratic City Committee on Saturday, August 24th at 10am at the VNA on Lowell Street. Below is the agenda:

I.           Report on the Picnic 

II.          MDC Platform Convention

III.         State Party Leadership Changes

IV.          RaiseUp Massachusetts

V.          Solicit Volunteers to help with Holiday Dinner

VI.         Other Business
Richelle Devereaux-Murray Michael Nionakis Alicia Byrd Adam Badik john caruso Dan Futrell Joyce Shortt Joe Beckmann William Carito Teresa Cardoso Katherine Wallace Lauri Erik Pekkala Keri Rodrigues Lorenzo Ross Richmond Feargal O'Toole Cecilia Deuhs Elio Lorusso Michael Grunko Tyler Creighton

Will you come?

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